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Monday Nov 5, 2012
Crop and Cruise Honolulu

This morning I slept until 7am. The latest so far. My new breakfast ladies were beginning to worry about where I was since I was usually the first one on the beach. I had a good breakfast and am now preparing for the day. We have a class this morning and will be going snorkeling this afternoon. 

The class this morning is called "Art from the heart" it's being taught by Christy. 
After class Kandi, Rose, Trudy, Crystal, Shelly and Jenny went snorkling at Hanauma Bay.  We decided to take city transit to get there.  We must have just missed the bus as we waited for almost half an hour before it came by. 

When you arrive at Hanauma Bay you have to pay $7.50 to get into the park. Then you have to go through an orientation, which is informative on the do's and don't in the reef. Then you can either catch a ride on the trailers pulled by Jeeps for $1.00 or walk down a steep hill. Half of us walked the other half took the ride. 

We were told by a very good looking tourist that the right hand side of the beach was the best place to go. We parked our towels to the right of the lifeguard tower. Jennie and Trudy didn't want to go in the water so they watched our stuff while we played in the water.

Crystal and I buddied up and stayed out almost as long as the more experienced divers.  Rose and Kandi saw a sea turtle. We all saw lots of fish! Shelly concurred her fear and snorkeled with us for a little while. According to the very good looking lifeguard we got there at the right time as the waves were choppy earlier. 

To get back up the hill it costs $1.25 for the ride. We all took the ride up the hill. By the time we got back to the hotel the sun had already set so we decided to have showers and then go out for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. 

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