Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy in Hawaii

November 2, 2012
Crop and Cruise Hawaii

Laura gave me a ride to the airport. Directly after walking in I ran into Allison and her family.  We finally figured out where we needed to go to check in and proceeded to do so. My luggage tag didn't print out so I had to go into the 'check in assistance' line! While in line I met Lisa and her family. I proceeded through security without incident. 
While we were gathering by our gate I was introduced to Kandi my roomie on the boat, Lynn, Rose, Celia and Shelly. 

We boarded the plane without incident and headed for Vancouver. We didn't have a whole lot of time at the airport before our connecting flight to Honolulu. In fact we just made it. It's a long trek from where we landed to where we took off.
I didn't get a chance to grab a bite to eat. Boarding the plane were most of the other scrapbookers and families from across Canada. It's a huge plane. First Class in the front and two sections in the rest of the plane. We were all in the back section. There was a little more leg room on this plane than the last. I am sitting in seat 42E in the middle most seat. This is where I met Jackie. She seems like she's going to be a lot of fun.  The in-flight movie was Total Recall.  For dinner I had beef on a bun and pringles. The second in flight movie was The Watch.

We walk off the plane in Honolulu and there are no windows separating the inside from the outside. It's so neat! 
We were guided onto the tour bus that takes us to our hotel. I sit beside Rosé and am entertained by her son Newton for the ride to the hotel. There sure is a lot of traffic along out route. We came to a complete standstill a few times on the freeway.

The Aston Waikiki Beach. I am rooming with Erin from Mission BC.
We had a bite to eat at the Tiki Lounge and a walk on the beach. We saw someone who had just caught at Moray eel and was slamming it against the cement to kill it. We then went back to our room to sleep. It's dark, but from our petite balcony we can see the ocean and the hills.

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