Friday, December 28, 2012

First Port Kahului on Maui

First Port
November 11, 2012

Kahului on Maui

Kandi and I got up this morning by having room service bring us a breakfast snack. It was supposed to be orange juice, but came as tomato juice. We also had bananas, croissants and chocolate croissants oh and Kandi had coffee. We then got dressed and went to find the buffet to have some warm breakfast. 

 The view from our balcony as we are coming into port.

After breakfast we went back to our rooms and got our stuff ready to go to the scrapbook album techniques class part 1. We did introductions since not all of us knew each other, then started the class. It's a totally different format from what we had on the land portion. They are basically giving us the techniques to be used then letting us work on our own. I worked on two of the layouts given to us from the land portion but was only able to go so far before needing a circle punch.  After working we went to take our stuff to our rooms then go have lunch. We went to the Aloha Cafe again for buffet. Next Kandi went out exploring off the ship and I visited with a few other of the ladies. Celia told me of a place on the ship having a 50% off sale on scrapbook albums, paper and stickers. I stopped in there and bought a pad of paper and a package of stickers. Then I headed up to our room to unpack and get organized.

 At 3:30 we were to meet the bus to go to Haleakala which is the top of a volcano. It's not extinct but it's not active right now.  The drive takes a out one hour and 15 minutes to get to the top. It's 38 Miles of nearly all switchbacks. 

About half way up the mountain.

I forgot to take Gravol with me. It wasn't so bad on the way up because we stopped a couple of times and there was things to see to distract us, but the way down didn't have stops and it was dark. I wasn't the only one feeling nauseous. Even people who don't usually get car sick were not feeling well. It was worth the trip and the terrain was amazing and the sunset photos even better!

 This plant is only found in one area in the world!
 The "Crater"
 The weather was cool at the top, about 5 degrees C.

 There were many there to take photos of the sunset, high above the clouds

I am laying down now and have taken a Gravol. I will take a shower then head to bed to read for a bit.

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