Thursday, December 27, 2012

November 3, 2012
Crop and Cruise Hawaii

I am awake at 5:30am local time, it's still dark outside and my roomie, Erin is snoring peacefully. I read and check email/Facebook. At 6:30am I take a look out the window. The sun is starting to come up.  I can't see it, but can see the colours in the distance. I think I will have my shower, go and get breakfast and sit on the beach to eat it. The beach is just across the road from our hotel.

The hotel provides cooler bags for you to fill for your breakfast and take it to the beach to enjoy. This morning I dine by myself, sitting on a towel on the beach. We must be facing South as the sun is rising over my left shoulder. There are many pegions wandering around hoping for a crumb to be thrown their way. There was only a hand full of people when I arrived, but more and more are arriving all the time. I'll have to arrive earlier if I am to have less peeps on the beach.

I observe several people hoping to catch a wave and do some surfing. There are about 15 people swimming right now in the 'safe' area. Shore side of the breakwater. It's no wonder people enjoy being on the beach. It's a wonderful smell and there is a nice gentle breeze blowing. Boats, surfers, swimmers in the water, runners on the beach and boardwalk. Birds coming over to say hi! Including a Red Crested Cardinal.

My feet are so soft from walking on the beach already. I only got my feet wet this morning, but am going for a swim this afternoon!!

We had our meet and Greet in the Coconut Room on the 21st floor. The view is amazing from that room. It faces the ocean, has a huge balcony and large doors that open onto said balcony. We received many goodies to use this weekend and a bag to keep it all in. 

After our goodies and greetings we had our Tiki Tiki class. That took us close to noon. Some of the other ladies were meeting for lunch and I tagged along. I joined Lynne, Shelly, and Jennifer. I was the first to get a guide book so I kind of knew which direction we should be heading. They started referring to me as the information lady. We headed West along  Kalakaua Ave about 8 blocks looking at stores along the way. I think we passed at least five ABC stores in that distance. We stopped at a tiny little place that had Sushi Sushi on it's door. Not positive that was the name of the place. I ate real sushi for the first time. It was very good. I especially liked the one with the eel.

After lunch we continued our walk West for the rest of the block and then started our way back through a mall.  We were looking for dessert. Shelly and Jennifer got cupcakes from a place that had won cupcake wars then we continued on our search. We found a place that sold shaved ice. OMG we ordered two small to share between the four of us. These things came in a normal sized bowl and piled about 9 inches tall. They were really good, but we didn't finish them. We probably could have shared just one. It was getting close to 4 PM which was the next scheduled Class for Photo Recipes. I wasn't in the class, but the ladies other ladies were so we headed back and said good bye for now. I headed back to my room for a little rest and to put my foot up as it's swelling slightly in the heat. 

5pm I headed out to the beach to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. There were some clouds in the sky to make it interesting, sail boats, swimmers, Yacht and people. I got some really nice photos and had fun playing with the settings on my camera.

After sunset, which by the way comes quickly, I went for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. I was joined by Erin, Crystal, and One other. Her name starts with a T. I want to say Tricia but I know that's not right. [It's Trudy] Dinner was ok , nothing to write home about. If I go again I'll likely go for the pizza or salad.  Tonight I had the fish and chips. The batter on the fish was soft and the fries were dry. After dinner we wandered over to a few souvenir shops then back to the hotel to relax then go to sleep. 

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