Friday, December 28, 2012

Nawiliwilu on Kauai then Na Pali Coastline

November 16, 2012
Nawiliwilu on Kauai then Na Pali Coastline on our way back to Honolulu.

This morning we put 7:15 for the time we wanted our breakfast and we got the call at 7. We finally got it figured out, although this morning was our last chance for breakfast in our room as we disembark tomorrow and we will be going to one of the restaurants to eat as the staff will be busy taking out luggage and getting the rooms ready for their new arrivals.

Shopping and a swim before leaving.

Lunch farewell BBQ with Kandi then we were joined by Kay, Crystal and Trudy. 

Went to scrapbook room for cake and shrimp

Hung around taking photos of the sun. 5:15 ish group photo. I helped Allison with providing reflected light or shadow for some personal portraits.

Watched the Na Pali coast line as we cruised by just before sunset. 

Went to dinner with 22 other women and had a blast. We ended up at 4 different tables and at my table was Mel, Jennifer S, Joan and Bertha, and Janice. We had a blast and Mel and our waiter had us in stitches.

Immediately after we went to our wind up party where they were serving free cocktails for an hour.  After the cocktail party I went to the scrapbook room for a visit with those left and to say Good bye to Jennie as she's going to the airport first thing to fly home to New York.

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