Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last full day on land!

November 9, 2012

I was supposed to go Parasailing today, but there was only room for 5 and it was during my class. So I took part in Christy's Trinkets and Treasures class. The class took until noon and I'm not done yet but, still have to gather stuff to put into the boxes. 

After class I had lunch with Jennie, Erin, and Jennifer at Lulu's overlooking the ocean. Got some more great photos. After lunch I met Celia and Kay to grab a taxi to go to Ben Franklin Crafts, which is like Michael's, sort of. We were there about an hour then caught  "The Cab" back to the hotel. I spent the time between getting back and the wrap up party packing and organizing. I may have to buy another bag to bring things back. 

Before the wrap up party there were fireworks going off at another hotel and we took photos of them from the lanai of our scrapbook room.

 Announcements were made. We played a couple of games and the some of us exchanged photos and well wishes as some of us were leaving for home and tomorrow we meet 26 new friends.

After the party Jennie, Jennifer, Shelly and I went out for one last drink, as Shelly is one of the people going home tomorrow.

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