Thursday, December 27, 2012

Circle Tour
November 4, 2012
Crop and Cruise Honolulu

This morning I started having breakfast on the beach. This time I was joined by Lynne. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together. On the way back we visited with Christy, her husband Mike and their youngest daughter Ashley. They were playing with the birds. 

We all walked back to the hotel together and went our separate ways. I returned my beach towel and ran into Rose, Lisa, Erin and Kandi who invited me to go swimming in the ocean. For sure I am going!! Taking JE's Camera too.

We had much fun at the beach. There was me, Kandi, Shy Shelly (LOL), Celia and then we were joined by Jodie and Jessica. Along the swimming part of the beach is the breakwater. We hung out near it hoping to catch a wave coming over. I was glad I had JE's waterproof camera with burst mode on it. We had fun getting different groups and catching the big waves. We spent about 2 hours at the beach. I am finding out that's about the limit for my 100SPF sunblock. At home it lasts all day but here it doesn't. I will have to apply more often. Only a slight burn which gives me colour. Off to buy a bite to eat and a new hat before catching the bus at 1pm to go on the Circle Island Tour. 

 Hanuma Bay

Above: Chinaman's Hat
Below: Sunset Beach on the North Shore

 After sunset we went to Choio's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. We all ordered fancy drinks!

It was a wonderful tour and we got some great photos. The farther away from Honolulu we got the more the buildings and terrain looked like what I expected. More like they show in the movies.  

I was so tired that I was In bed by 10 and asleep shortly after. I slept in until 7am. The latest so far.

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