Tuesday, October 11, 2016

European Vacation - October 7 - Zurich to Billund, Denmark

Oct 7 Zurich, Switzerland to Billund, Denmark
Up early again, but only 6:30 this time. A quick breakfast at the hotel and then back to the room to do final packing.

A quick walk to the train station finds our train waiting to be boarded. We sat in 1st class for this trip. There is someone sitting in Michaelea's reserved seat. She didn't mind too much, and let the woman stay there.

There was an announcement that we will have to change trains in Basel, Switzerland before continuing on to Hamburg, Germany.

We had about 15 minutes to change trains. Luckily Michaelea was able to get her seat.

We ate on the train. By being in First class we could order it and have it delivered to our seats. Jon had the beef stew and Michaelea has Schwabische  art. Her was basically bratwurst and herbs wrapped in a noodle.  Filled pasta squares "Swabian style" with bacon and onion sauce. It was about the size of a deck of cards and it was delicious. They also came around three times giving out Lindor chocolates! Yummy!

We got to Hamburg with only a few minutes between our connection to Flensburg. Once again we are in first class. This is a double decker train with first class upstairs and second class downstairs. The window next to us is a little fogged up. Not great for taking photos. After the first station stop we were able to move to another table and see outside better. We played a little crib on our trip, using our phones. Ate some Swiss chocolate. The Dark chocolate is so rich you can't eat too much at once, which I guess is a good thing.

Not much in Flensburg, at least at the station. A convenience store and a bistro. Jon had a salami sandwich and Michaelea had a fish sandwich.

We boarded the train, which left a couple of minutes late, had to wait for a connecting train. The first stop, Padborg, the Danish Police got on the train to check everyone's documents. They welcomed us to the country. At least one person didn't have any with him. They escorted him off the train and we continued on our way.

Arrival in Frederica has us crossing the platform and boarding the train to Vejle where we hop off and board a bus to Billund. Long day of traveling today, but Michaelea was able to grab a nap along the way. A good break for the feet and legs as tomorrow will be a fun filled day at Legoland.

Boarded the bus and paid 120krons =~$24.00 CAD for us to go from Frederica to Billund. We paid cash to the bus driver. The bus drops us off at the airport where we will walk about 10 minutes to our hotel. We got there just before a bus load of really tall guys with gym bags got off.

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