Tuesday, October 11, 2016

European Vacation Oct 1-10, 2016 5 Countries

Oct 1, 2016

Drive to Edmonton. Gloomy, low lying clouds. Nice fall colors.

Flight to Iceland on Iceland Air. 
The view above the clouds was beautiful!
Didn't sleep much

Northern lights on ceiling and outside.

 Sorry this photo wasn't great, but you can see the Northern Lights in the image.
Had to take a bus from plane to terminal. It was raining in Keflavik when we landed. 

October 2 

We arrived in Iceland

Long lineups to go through passport control, but moved quickly
Headed to A1 to catch flight to Copenhagen
Took bus to plane.
More legroom this segment!
We had Skyr and Oatmeal for breakfast.

Off the plane and walk to the other end of the airport, that's where the train station is.
Catch a train to Kobenhavn H/Copenhagen Central Station.
wander around

Went outside just as a row of bikes magically toppled over
Pay washrooms about $1.00CAD
Find grocery store
Figure exchange is approx 1:5 so 50 krones =10CAD
Wander some more

Have a mild panic attack when board shows our train is cancelled.

Find out board is wrong. Train still going.
Riding First Class.

Catch ICE train to Hamburg, Germany.
We dozed
Ate snacks
Jon can't get GPS to work.  Signals blocked by the window tinting.
Went over a really really long bridge.

Boarded the ferry
Had dinner. Schnitzel and fries (pommes frites)
Ferry ride was about 45 minutes
Back on train
Arrive in Hamburg
Discover transit machines only accept Maestro prepaid cards or Euros in small denominations, none of which we had.
Return to train station

Go to info Centre and get a three day group pass. Had to pay cash.
Took subway to about a block from our hotel and walked the rest of the way.
Checked in, shower, set alarms, sleep!

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