Tuesday, October 11, 2016

European Vacation - October 6 - Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano

Oct  6. Ugg up too early. Wake up at 5:30 to get ready to catch the train at 6:37 that takes us to Chur where we catch the Bernina Express to Tirano, Italy.

In Chur, Switzerland; Picked up a couple of pastries at coop in the station. Took a quick walk around, saw some tour or long distance busses.

Hopped on the Bernina Express.
Beautiful views. Lots of spirals to get us up the steep inclines.

Stopped for a 15 minute break at Alp Grum to take in the views.

In Tirano at 12:45pm


Ate pizza outside.
Went for a walk. Watched the crossing gates go down. Very melodious chime. The chime stops when the arms are down.

Walking back to the station we stopped for gelato! I had chocolate and Jon had cookie.
All the locals look very Italian. Pretty/handsome with tanned skin.

We walked back to the station and then we were able to get on the train. Same stuff, different side of the train.

On time into Chur and off our train onto the next to take us to Zirich. The station and the streets are pretty busy for 8pm ( compared to Calgary). Back at the hotel now.

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