Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a Little Wet

so it's been a little wet out here since I arrived. As you can see
we've had a lot of rain.

Long Lost Family

On the island we stopped in at the Rose House Museum and found
ancestors from our past. It helped in being able to find out more
about the family history. Having such a common last name like
Harrison makes it really hard to find relatives and family history.

To Prince Edward County

We took a ferry over to Prince Edward County and sampled cheese,
cider, and beer.

St. Lawrence Seaway

Mom and I put our feet in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Rail Fanning

Even though Jon wasn't with us, I did a little rail fanning. Here are
photos from Brockville, ON. It's the first railway tunnel in Canada.
It was built for the Brockville Ottawa Railway to gain access to the
St. Lawrence Seaway.

Wandering at the cottage

Cameron's first driving lession

Uncle Bob took Cameron out for his first lesson on driving the
"tractor tractor."

For the Boys

As we were walking through the Haliburton Arts and Crafts Festival
Julia pointed out this t-shirt on one of the boys there. I had to
take a photo of it. We also found a mirrored medicine cabinet and
toilet paper roll holder for the upstairs bathroom.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New toy

Dad picked up a submersable pump so that he didn't have to bail the
boat by hand anymore. Especially since there has been a lot a water
this year.

Julia jumps in

It wasn't the first thing she did, but it was the second. After
dinner she jumped in. The temperature of the water is about 20
degrees C.


I caught three fish, but only landed two of them. They are rock bass
and not wanted in the lake so we take them out and put them in the
frog pond for the racoons to eat.

Digging the Ditch

Dad was busy playing with his tractor digging the ditch.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 July 22, 2009

Dad and I returned this fire pump to location #3 at Paul's Island.

My Summer Holiday

Day 1 July 20, 2009
found me arriving in Toronto at 12:40pm local time and then Mom and
Dad picked me up and we headed to Whitby to have lunch and visit one
of Big Print's customers Dave at Sign Design. After our visit we went
and picked up a few groceries then took the scenic route up Simcoe Dr
North towards the cottage. We stopped at the Kawartha Dairy for ice
cream for dinner.

Day 2 July 21, 2009
I explored the beach and took these amazing photos. Jill and Dave
came over for dinner and then we went to fire rock for a fire in the
evening. We watched the fire until it started raining, then ran into
their covered porch to take shelter. We played Euchre (I needed the
practice) for a few hands then the "brother's" heads were getting too
big so once it stopped raining Dad and I walked home for the night.