Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 5 Night

We are finally aboard VIA 1 from Windsor to Toronto. The train got going a little late, which will probably mean a night in Toronto for us. Which looks like it's going to be the best thing anyway considering the weather. We will get a room in a Hotel not far from the Toronto Union Station and then pick up the rental car in the morning and then head out. We are hoping that we will be going against the flow of traffic in the morning. We are happy. They have fed us good food and wine, liquor, coffee, and tea, juice. Any type of drink you want. I had a small glass of wine. It's my yearly drink since I am allergic to alcohol. If the entire trip was this nice there would have been a lot less frustration.


So we're going to definitely miss the 10:10 deadline for the car rental. Looked up on the interweb a few hotels close to Union Station and have decided on the Strathcona Hotel which is all of a block and a bit away from the front door of Union Station. It's really _really_ nice to have internet access onboard the train, something I wish would expand out of the Windsor-Quebec Corridor. It'd be handy to have on the Canadian when you'd like to check in on e-mail while you're crossing the country.

I'm glad to have introduced Michaelea to VIA 1...She gets to experience first-hand why I always prefer travelling first class! Life is good at 95mph in the VIA 1 car...

As we don't have internet at the hotel, we'll likely be signing off on this for tonight and perhaps will post one more update before we head out to the hinterland, where we'll be on dial-up internet...Yuck.


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