Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 2: Evening

We sat in the waiting room at the Shelby, MT train station. There were movies on, but due to the large amount of people waiting for the train going West it was too noisy to hear it, so I bought a word search magazine and Jon and I worked on it until out butts were too sore to sit on and we walked around the small station, played games and talked to the other people in the station. Quite a few freight trains were getting through before the Westbound train got in. Jon ran out and took pictures of most of them. The westbound train came in at 7:30pm, only about two hours late. We wish ours was only that late. Everyone in the station was really nice. After the westbound train boarded there were only 5 of us left in the waiting room until around 10:30 when more people started arriving. We ended up eating our leftover pizza at around 9pm. The station manager let us use the microwave to heat up the pizza and wings. At the time I write this we are still waiting. By the way the windchill is -37F outside which is about -38C, -40 is when it equals out. If the train does show up at 1:05 as they are now predicting we will get into Chicago at around midnight on the 22nd of December and then we still have to make our way to Canada. We will miss our connection in Chicago to Rodchester or Buffalo, and the following train is solidly booked, so we're not sure what we're doing once we get there. We may take a train to Detroit and take a Taxi across the border to Windsor, ON and take the VIA into Toronto from there rent a car to get to Haliburton. That's just a guess. We really don't know at this point and are calmly taking it as it comes. It's all part of the adventure.

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lynn said...

Yes, it is all part of the adventure. I know you guys will figure it out right. And then it will all be a great story we can share for many years to come.
Mom amd I are now in Saskatoon for Christmas. We all decided going to the lake would be really great, but the weather is not cooperating (or rather it's just doing we are adjusting!) and the safety margin is becoming too slim.
We winterized our house, drained all the lines etc. and will be heading out to Yarrow early in Jan.
Have a Merry Christmas, will keep checking your
blog site, keep us posted.

Lawrie (and Mom)