Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 4 morning

Around 5:20am, we were woken up by an announcement from Charles to announce the first and last call for breakfast in the diner, and that he would want access to the room before Chicago as he wanted off the train as quickly as possible. I think the rest of us were in full agreement. Arrival in Chicago is slated to be arond 8:30am, which all but kills our chances of getting the Wolverine to Detroit and then Windsor to Toronto today. We'll have to wait and see what the options are for us to get to Toronto. All we hope that it's not on a bus!

Pulling into Milwaukee and hopefully we can find a wi-fi spot to post this and last night's message. Most of the hotspots which have shown up on the computer are all locked, and that's if they show up at all in the first place.

Breakfast this morning was pretty disappointing for Jon, as they were serving Scrambled Eggs and French Toast. That's it! For those who
have never had breakfast with Jon, he's never enjoyed or tolerated
eating food whose primary ingredient is Eggs. Nothing for cereal,
toast, etc. He went to the lounge car and found little there in the frozen space worth the price being asked, so he's been munching on cookies to take the hunger pangs off.

The adventure continues...

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