Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 4 Morning

We have arrived in Chicago and are now sorting things out at the station. We were booked on the Lakeshore Limited to Rodchester for last night in a sleeper, but now are booked for tonight in coach. At this point we didn't care we just wanted to get on a train in the right direction. The people going to Detroit got bussed there since the train was cancelled so plan B wasn't going to work, not only that but we would have missed those connections as well. Jon is calling the car rental place to make sure that they hold our car reservation for another day and now they inform me that we can get a hotel and they will give us money for a taxi and a couple of meals. Once Jon's back we will look into that option. I could really use a shower right now. I have clean clothes on, but my hair is really feeling dirty and the shower Jon took on the train was a quick cold shower so I'm sure he'd like to get clean too.

So in all if the rest of the trip goes well we should arrive at Mom & Dad's late on the 23rd or morning of the 24th.

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