Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 17: The final stretch

We were early for every place last night that we figured we'd be early into Edmonton, AB. But as after went to sleep somewhere before Saskatoon, it all went awry. We woke up at 4:30am to find out we weren't even at Wainwright, SK which we were supposed to be at 3 something in the morning, so at that point we knew we'd be at least two hours late getting in. It turns out we were two and a half hours late.

Lynn and Lawrie (Jon's Mom and Step-Dad) were waiting for us patiently as they didn't phone ahead to find out if the train was delayed. It took a little while for everyone to disembark and then collect the checked baggage. Since we had one suitcase checked in, we also had to wait.

Getting out of Edmonton was easy, there wasn't much traffic that early in the morning on a Sunday. There was a few slippery spots on the road, but nothing we couldn't handle, which is more than I can say for the Jeep we saw sitting upside down on the highway.

We arrived into Calgary around 12:30pm dropped our baggage off and exchanged our gifts for Lynn and Lawrie. Then we headed over to Original Joe's for some lunch. After our wonderful meal we said our good byes and parted company. Lynn and Lawrie were off to Chris and Geneva's and then off to Banff for the night before heading to the West Coast.

We made a quick stop at home to get some shopping bags and gift certificate for Marks Work Wearhouse and then headed out to get Jon some Steel Toed shoes for his new job he starts tomorrow morning at 7am.

I hope everyone has enjoyed our adventure as much as we had.

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