Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 16: To Saskatoon

We left Winnipeg 30 minutes late, but I'm sure they can make up the time. We are just passing close to Brandon right now as I write this at 2:55pm Central Standard Time. Jon and I were in the 2nd seating for lunch this time which was supposed to start at 12:30pm but was delayed a bit by our late departure. We both had the Steak Salad which was wonderful. There was a lot of tomatoes in it, so Jon gave me all his to eat. For dessert we had a choice of Caramel cake or Maple ice cream. I had the ice cream and Jon had the Caramel cake. Both were yummy.


We are now stopped in Melville, SK. I have fallen asleep a few times in my chair and Jon laughed at me when I woke up the many times. I saw a group of about 12 deer off in a field and we have been seeing lots of cows and horses out in the farmers fields. We arrived an hour early so Jon is meeting a friend from T2000 outside while I stay warm inside. Many other people are outside catching a smoke, since the next chance will most likely be in Saskatoon at 11pm tonight.

Ken is our new attendant for today. The crew switched out in Winnipeg, MB. No offense to the new crew, but the first crew seemed friendlier and had more manners. The our waitress in the Dining car always took the ladies orders first and then the mens, no matter whom belonged to who.

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