Monday, September 22, 2008

Vancouver Island Adventure Day 4

Last day to enjoy. We woke up to rain oh joy. We went to another beach to see the star fish. It was raining but we didn't care as we were determined to see the star fish. We found them. There was so many and in orange and purple colours. It was low tide so it was easy to see them and touch them. They really have a good grip on the rocks. Dave tried to pull one off, but it wasn't letting go. We also saw sea annenomies in green and pink. There were also lots of muscles all over the place. We didn't stay here too long as we were getting wet with all the rain and it wasn't all that warm.

We jumped back into the car and began to head back to Port Alberni. We stopped in at Cathedral Grove where all the large red woods were. These trees are mostly only 400 years old. There was a fire that went through and burned most of the trees in the forest.

We also stopped in at Coombs and saw the goats on the roof and bought some snacks in the market. I also found the rubber stamp barn and bought some stamps. There was a really cool store with lots of hand carved statues in it. It would be a place that I would like to visit again and spend more time. Off to Nanaimo as Dave and Laura had a ferry to catch back to the main land and Jon and I picked up our car and headed to Courtney and Comox.

While waiting in Comox for the ferry we got to see some fighter jets fly over. The circled quite a few times. I believe they were doing touch and go exercises. It entertained us for a little while. While on the Ferry we looked though all the literature in the racks to find a place to spend the night. We found this great little bed and breakfast. We had our own private room with bathroom in it and a wonderful view. It was in the old area of Powell River and was worth it. They provided us with a book containing facts about the area, the hotel, and tourist information. They spoke about the unique breakwater that was set up for the pulp mill. It's affectionately known as the Giant Hulks. They are concrete barges that are attached to the sea floor with giant blocks of concrete and giant chains.

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