Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sunshine Coast

Up early the next morning to catch another ferry. We ate breakfast if you could call it that (cookies) while waiting for the ferry. Once on the ferry we ate a proper breakfast. It was really good food. Again we had rain, but it soon passed. We stopped in sechelt for a pit stop and a walk along the beach. There was a lot of activity. Sechelt is beautiful and one of those places I could see myself living it the opportunity ever arose. Another Ferry and then off to Gibsons, BC. We parked the car and walked around. I bought my friend a little gift and we went down to Gibson's Landing to see the location that the Beachcombers was filmed. We ate at Molly's Reach for lunch. It was really good food and I would recommend it to anyone. WE finished lunch and then headed off for one final ferry of our trip.

Finally onto mainland and off to Art Knapp to get some G-Scale stuff. We bought a passenger platform and a few trees. Now off to Chilliwack to spend the night at Larry and Lori's place. Thanks for the hospitility guys! They met us at Mr. Mike's a great restaurant and we all had dinner and then headed over to where the Chilliwack Free-mo group sets up. We helped them out with setting up the N-Scale layout before we headed back to their house. They let us park in their garage since we had so much expensive stuff in our car and they didn't want anything to happen to it. We visited and then went to bed.

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