Monday, August 25, 2008

Vancouver Island Adventure Day 1

Starting out in Surrey, BC we did our shopping at Art Knapp's and then headed to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to catch our Ferry. We arrived in plenty of time. We hung out, went shopping, had lunch and transferred our luggage that we need while on the island to Dave and Laura's Murano as we would be parking our car in Nanaimo at my Aunt's parking lot. The majority of the time on the island we were in one vehicle. We were on the last crossing of the Ferry as the new one would be taking over it's route. Something we wished we knew ahead of time. The Ferry crossing was fairly uneventful we didn't see much in the way of wildlife, excluding sea gulls. We found out our Ferry was going to be delayed in docking and unloading. Not good. Jon and Dave had tickets on the train and we couldn't afford the extra hour that we were delayed on getting off the ferry. We had to wait until the new Ferry loaded and took off before our Ferry could even get into the terminal in order to unload. With that news we were trying to find out if the train was running on schedule. If it was late it would be a good thing. No luck. Michaelea and Laura had planned a girls day out visiting gardens, driving along the coast, and shopping. This threw a wrench in the gears. So we dropped the car off and ended up watching a boat being taken out of the water. After about an hour it was mostly out, but we decided to hit the road. We drove to the Gold Stream Campground just outside of Victoria. There we set up camp and enjoyed the rest of the evening as we had an early start the next morning.

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