Monday, August 25, 2008

Chilliwack Interchange: The Show

Chilliwack Interchange was a weekend long Model Railway Convention in Chilliwack, BC. Most of us headed out on Wednesday to arrive late on Thursday and setup on Friday. There was a small amount of Calgary Free-mo Members there and we all had a great time. During the convention Jon was busy at the layout so Laura and I went exploring on Saturday and Sunday. We got our nails done and did some shopping.

We also went to the Blue Heron Nature Reserve. It was a beautiful park with plenty of plants and animals. We saw a bunny and ducks, blue herons and cedar waxwings. We also saw giant slugs, or at least that's what they looked like. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

On Sunday I had one of my migraines and headed to the hotel to take a nap. By the time I was feeling better the group was half way through tear down and pack up, so Jon let me stay at the hotel until they were heading for dinner. We went to Mr. Mikes Steakhouse for dinner. It was really good. I wish we had one here, or maybe not.

After dinner we all headed back to our hotels and bright and early Monday morning they headed back to Calgary, while Jon and I headed to Surrey, BC to meet Dave and Laura at Art Knapp's Garden Centre. The Surrey location is also the only one to sell G-Scale Model railway stuff. Jon and I are putting one in our back yard and Dave and Laura haven't decided where theirs is going yet. There are actually quite a few of us HO-Scalers that also have G-Scale in our yards.

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