Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

May 22... I made my favorite cake for my birthday. Angel food cake with Butterscotch Whip Cream Icing, Mandarines and toasted almonds. I had help from Co-op making my cake and from Jon to decorate it.


AspieADHDMama said...

Happy belated, miss Michaelea !! Was thinking about you this weekend :) I have a little gift for you that I'll give you next time I see you !! Your new blog looks GREAT and you took some amazing pictures in BC :) You'll have fun scrappin those, missy :) hehe Love seeing all these great, happy pictures of you, too :)

MelissaH said...

Happy Belated Birtday Michaelea!! I won't forget your b-day next time! It's close to Kris's b-day:)