Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Girls Day Out!

We stopped in Buckhorn on the way back to the Cottage and took a walk along the canal.

We enjoyed a Chinese Buffet at the Panda Restaurant and then headed to the Brew Kettle to bottle the Beer!

On Friday the 13th of July, The three of us Girls headed into Peterborough to run some errands. We saw this along the way.
Jesus is Alive!...

... So is Elvis!

Aparently these neighbours lived somewhere else and when one decided to move so did the other.

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Anonymous said...

The Elvis family had lived in their home for 18 years when this neighbour, who believes he is 'Jesus', moved in. In the 14 years since his arrival, he has made life a misery for, not only these neighbours, but others in the area as well. Putting the Elvis sign on their roof was the only way they had of 'fighting' the situation. The sign is not meant to downgrade religion, in any way, as we (yes, I live under the Elvis sign) feel that God has a sense of humour, or he would never have put us on this planet. And as long as there are folks who enjoy listening to Elvis' music, Elvis will remain alive!!